Top Pasadena Coffee Shops

Written By Justin Bond, senior at Providence

As a kid I always wondered why my parents and their friends drank that hot dark drink every single morning without fail. I had tried it a few times and remembered it to be one of the worst tastes that had ever entered my mouth. I never would have guessed that I would become a huge fan of such a drink. College came and I began to love coffee and I am now a fan of the art and science behind the drink.

Here is a list of my top four coffee shops in the Pasadena area.

#4 Zona Rosa Cafe

Zona Rosa Cafe is a local coffee shop on El Molino, just south of Colorado Blvd. This coffee shop has an unique atmosphere because you order your coffee down stairs then walk upstairs to a loft with couches and chairs to enjoy your drink. They are known for their famous Mexican mocha, which was not too bad. I rate this number 4 on my list because it is better then Starbucks but the flavor of the espresso could be better.

#3 Jones Coffee Roasters

 Jones Coffee Roasters is located in a warehouse with concrete floors and dark walls decorated with art and white light on the ceiling. Their coffee roaster is in the far right corner of the store and the register right in the middle and the warehouse is plentiful with tables and chairs. The set up is nice and the coffee is not bad either. They are serious about where they get their beans and the art of the coffee. Although I would not recommend their espresso drinks, if you are a fan of drip, this is your place.

#2 Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters

Jameson Brown rates second best on my list for a few reasons. The moment you walk in the store, you feel at home. The employees act like you’re the only one in the shop and are very friendly. They also take coffee seriously. They create all their own recipes and test everything, making one of the best espresso drinks in town. If you decide to go I highly recommend their Iced Irish Cream White Mocha (not on the menu…but they know…) and their Iced Snowball.

#1 Intelligentsia

I rate this purely on the coffee and not the customer service. You walk in and you are confronted with an amazing aroma of freshly ground coffee and an artistic atmosphere. The brick building is painted dark blue and the lighting is kept to a minimum using strands of white light. They have the science of coffee down to a “T”. They are known for their outstanding drip coffee which is made from a pour over called a “Chemex” using perfectly tempered water to get the fullest flavor out of the bean. But the drip coffee is not what brings me into this coffee haven. It is their Iced Mocha which sounds simple, I know, but Intelligentsia has perfected this espresso drink. They use a special chocolate imported from San Francisco called tcho along with fresh organic milk and the perfect roast of espresso.  This is the best mocha in town and I urge you all to allow your mouths to enter this coffee utopia.