Top Overheards in Seabeggar History!

Top Overheards in Seabeggar History!

On September 1, 2011 Danielle Dirksen had a great idea; she made a Facebook page where Providence students could post all the funny and crazy things they heard people say. A year and a half later, we honor her genius with some of the best posts in Overheard history.

Context is very important, and some of these are taken out of context (which is part of what makes them so funny) so keep that in mind as you read these!  


1. We start with the very first post of Seabeggar Overheards’s history. ‎”I find it hard to get high sometimes…” said Vanessa (Munguia) Twogood.

2. ‎”You can either eat it or play hockey with it.” -Jim Herrema about the cafeteria’s sushi. Oh you have to love the versatility of our food!

3. Lorah Gleason said while trying to load the Ikea webpage, “Why isn’t it appearing!” Shara’s response, “You probably have to assemble it yourself!”

4. “Is someone strangling a monkey out there?!?” said a professor when he heard Sarah Fleeman’s hysterical laughter.

5. ‎”I do my taxes with turbotax. It’s kinda fun actually. Some people play halo, I turbotax,” said Max Belz.

6. Danielle Yett was reading From Darwin to Hitler out loud, “Among adults, serious disputes would be settled by a duel… with a light saber.”

*Pause* Emily DeBoer asks, “Did they really have lightsabers??”

Danielle said, “It’s a light saber…”

Emily said, “Wait… are you serious?”

Danielle explains, “It’s a light saber… as in not a heavy saber.”

“Ohhhhh…” *lightbulb*

7. “When I was younger, they tested me for ADD… turns out, I was just… disobedient,” said Luke Walls.

8.‎”What a successful all-nighter! I worked on my short film. Sarah finished her paper and Stephen found a meme!” said Ian Samuel Harriman.

9. “Show me your diaper bill, and then we’ll talk,” said Sean Rhoades to Joey Venegas. Oh, the joys of fatherhood.

10. ‎”He’s the son of a bishop. Oh, I better not say that too fast,” said Dr. Reeves.

11. Johnathan Kruis said to Danielle Dirksen, “You don’t need an observation deck.”

12. Justin Bleeker said about Sam Bice, ” We’ve gotta glue that kid’s butt to a toilet seat…”

13. Danielle Dirksen screams. Amy Hoeksema walks down the hall and says, “Who got engaged? Or Pregnant? Or in a relationship?”

14. “We were worried about Reagan toward the end of his pregnancy,” said Dr. Mac. Uh, Dr. Mac, do you mean Presidency?

15. “Photograph that, burn it onto your brain, and you’re fine,” said Dr. Swanson. Oh Dr. Swanson, if only we could do that for your tests!

16. Emily De Boer said, “Ruby is the best ASCC editor ever! Upon my misspelling of Christ as Chirst in my Pauline paper, Ruby commented, ‘If it was spelled like that we could have such lovely rhymes –I was nursed by Chirst until I was in a hearse and then burst headfirst from the worst cursed grave because it was judgment day, hurray hurray.’”

17. Vaan’s response to Marissa B’s dance playlist ideas, “That’s so hard to dance to, especially for people at Providence. We’re like a bunch of penguins flopping around.”

Continue to keep it classy, Providence!