Election Results! Well Sorta…

For the past week, I have been walking around casually asking people who they are going to vote for. It appears that most of the students at Providence will be voting for Mitt Romney in the Presidential Election.

That’s not to say everyone is happy to choose Romney. When I asked Jolene Ybema who she would vote for she replied, “Romney, the lesser of two evils.” That seems to be the main response about Romney.

However, there are other candidates who Providence students are rooting for as well– Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Justin Bleeker, Jacob Fisher, Elvis Presley, and Mickey Mouse. I think the last two choices in particular sound very interesting. Maybe they should have been a ticket after all!

For important speeches, Elvis could be dragged back to life and Mickey Mouse can be popped into the DVD player. We might get some honest answers to our questions that way.

Others that were polled are choosing not to vote or simply can’t vote because they are not registered or didn’t get absentee ballots.

Now we look forward to November 6 to see what choice America makes in its 2012 Presidential Elections. I encourage you all to vote! Also, I would love to hear from everyone who reads this article in the comment area saying who they will vote for!