Crazy Study Habits

Crazy Study Habits

As freshmen in college, students have some major concerns. ‘What is it like to be away from home?’ ‘What kind of food will I eat?’ ‘What major should I pick?’ ‘I wonder if my classes will be hard.’ The biggest question though that carries on through every year of college is: ‘how do I study effectively?’

“I go on walks while I study,” says August Herrema. “It helps me to think.” This method is not usual for students in college. A quintessential study habit would be in the library or in your room. However, more and more students are walking it seems. This crazy study habit is becoming a lot less crazy and actually effective.

The craziest study habit on campus is performed by Karolina Branson and Christine Lehart. “We never sleep. When we do it’s only like for a couple of hours,” Karolina stated. Christine divulged, “We don’t like doing homework during the day because people are loud and annoying!” These girls are truly a perfect picture of unusual ways to study. Karolina also enjoys the company of a cool Monster Energy beverage while she studies.

Some crazy study sightings are common as well. Students go as far as to study in the shower. And, when you are in a cram, studying in the bathroom is always an idea. Of course no one does that!

Chelsea Pine studies in one hour increments and always has to eat while studying. It seems that the no tion of eating while studying helps to concentrate. While concentration is the goal, fulfilling hunger is always a plus, especially when it is junk food.

If any of these spark your interest, try one! Or if you do have a crazy study habit, keep up the good work.