Pasadena Trails Offer Exercise & Enjoyment

College moms often worry their students are not eating right. While the William Carey cafeteria generally offers healthy food options, there is another health issue that students face: the issue of getting enough exercise. Exercising is obviously good for the body, and it is also stress relieving. The Pasadena area offers several hikes which can assist students in getting the exercise they as well as displaying the scenic beauty of Southern California.

An easy hiking option for students is the trail to Millard Canyon Falls. It is about one mile to walk round trip, and gives access to a trail that can take hikers behind the falls, which drop fifty feet to a pool below. Another option is in the Arroyo Seco, which can be a 3-9 mile round trip hike that winds through mountains to “Teddy’s Outpost” where hikers can eat lunch. There is a campground further up the trail. A third possibility for a hike is to take Chantry Flats to Sturtevent Falls. It begins on a paved road that leads to a trail at the beginning of Big Santa Anita Creek. At the end of this trail are the Sturtevent Falls. This hike is about 3 miles round trip. For more information including directions to these hikes, click here.