What is the ASCC, You Ask?

The type of learning atmosphere that Providence Christian College is able to provide for its students is one of the benefits of a small school. Students at larger colleges and universities may often feel like they’re just another face in a sea of people.  They’re often known by the number on their student ID card rather than their name. This is not the case at Providence.The Academic and Career Support Center, better known as the ASCC, is one of the programs that helps make Providence a unique learning environment. The ASCC gives students a place to study, talk about upcoming papers and tests with fellow students, and sometimes to even eat homemade cookies.

The ASCC is staffed by Providence students whose primary job is to answer questions and concerns about upcoming assignments or classes, and editing papers submitted by fellow students. Providence Sophomore, Henry Delaplane, said that in addition to being a great resource for improving papers, the ASCC is “a great place to escape and study.” In addition, he appreciates that submitted papers are reviewed and returned in a timely fashion. Laura Fobar, also a Sophomore, pointed out another feature of the ASCC that benefits education majors in particular; a variety of textbooks, children’s literature, and kindergarten through 8th grade curriculum fill the bookshelves in the ASCC and are available for students to use.

Professors at Providence often urge students to make use of the ASCC, especially in their freshman year, because it will help them to better adjust to writing college level papers. In particular, Dr. Swanson, Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Providence, requires new students in Biblical Survey classes to submit their first paper to the ASCC for review. This is done in the hopes that students will be informed of formatting and grammatical errors and realize that the ASCC is a valuable resource for students of all writing levels.

Apart from Dr. Swanson’s paper that new students were required to submit, this semester has proved to be a dry spell the ASCC regarding paper submissions. Even with this lull, Freshman Emily De Boer, a student worker in the ASCC, said that she feels the ASCC is important because, “It’s a great place to get a second opinion. People tend to miss little and big mistakes in their paper.” She said that in the ASCC “they can hone their proofreading and editing skills” which is a skill not necessarily taught in the classroom.

Lynn Hoekstra, Director of Academic Support, consistently keeps the room stocked with candy, tea, and other treats to motivate students to visit the ASCC and its workers on a regular basis. Shelli Cammenga, a sophomore and ASCC worker at Providence said, “Cookies give us purpose. There’s nothing like a bit of sugar for an exhausted studier.”