Halloween Happenings

As twilight descended on October 30, Providence Christian College students were filled with excitement as they prepared for the Halloween weekend events.

Many of the freshman students went to the Old Town Haunt, a haunted house located in Downtown Pasadena. At one point while waiting in line, Sophie Lutz said, “That was creepy,” as one of the actors from the haunted house came up behind her to scare her.

On campus, students enjoyed carving pumpkins with designs varying from light bulbs to Harry Potter to the well-known Boo from the popular video game, Mario. Candy apples were also available in Resident Director Ruby Snieder’s apartment.

John Becker as JackHalloween night was filled with costumes and candy as many students went trick-or-treating for the first time. A funny account from the night was of a man who was shocked at the height of Jon Becker, a sophomore, who was dressed as Jack from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  Becker stood high above all the little children the man had previously given candy to.

Scary Story Event

After receiving many tasty treats, the trick-or-treaters rushed back to campus to attend the scary story event hosted by Resident Director, Dave Ligtenberg. In the dimly lit China Lounge, the spider webs and the hot chocolate set the mood for the students’ spooky tales. Shelli Cammenga warned the new tenants to beware of the “haunted” William Carey International University campus. Krista Redman, a sophomore, dressed up as Bo Peep and made a special appearance to tell how the character really lost her sheep while revealing a morbid twist to Bo Peep’s character at the same time. To finish off the night, junior Josh Dykstra and Dave read two dark poems written by the marvelously depressing author, Edgar Allen Poe.

Just when the Halloween events seemed to be coming to an end, the Spanish class took a break from the classroom to visit the alters called “Ofrendas” of people remembered on Monday night. They traveled to Olivera Street in Los Angeles to learn about the “Dia De Los Muertos” or the “Day of the Dead.” Many students returned with candy skulls, skull jewelry, and a better knowledge of this Mexican holiday.