Explaining The ARTS Bus System

Explaining The ARTS Bus System

Transportation can be a major problem for college students since many can’t afford their own car. Thankfully, Pasadena has a mass transit system called the Pasadena Area Rapid Transit System, or ARTS for short. Though the ARTS bus can take people almost anywhere they need to travel within Pasadena, some Providence students have had a difficult time understanding how it works.

To begin with, you should visit the ARTS website where you can learn about all of the current bus routes, where they go, how much a trip will cost, and the closest bus stops. You can even download a bus route schedule and map.

Another way to learn about the ARTS bus is to simply go out and get on the bus.  Providence is located between two bus stops along Washington Blvd.  If you want to head into downtown Pasadena, I recommend using the stop located near Washington Blvd. and Lake Ave. To reach this stop, you must travel west on Washington Blvd. until you cross over Lake Ave.  The stop is in front of the Food4Less. The bus traveling downtown is route 20.  Once you’re on this route, you can easily access Colorado Blvd., Target, Cliff’s Books, and even the Metro station. When going back to campus, look for a bus stop with the same number 20 and make sure that the bus is going in the direction opposite that of which you came.

Here are a few helpful tips I discovered when I recently traveled on the ARTS bus:

·      It will cost you 75 cents each way.

·      It’s helpful to know which street you want to get off at. Sometimes the bus will stop at smaller stops that are not always on the   “usual route” depending on traffic and demand.

·      Knowing the street before your destination will be useful when you have to let the driver know that you want to get off at the next stop. In order to let the driver know you want to exit the bus, simply pull down on the chord hanging near the top of the windows.

·      If you’re unsure whether you’re heading in the right direction, always ask the bus driver. Most drivers are willing to answer your questions as long as you are not holding up people behind you.

·      Lastly, be sure to get on the bus and into your seat as fast as possible. Try to have your money ready while also scanning the bus  for an empty seat.

The buses can seem intimidating at first, but it is easier than it sounds. The best way to master the bus system is to just go for it. Like anything, try it and be open to mistakes or errors that may arise. Remember to check out the website for times, routes, and fares.