Phenomenal Performance of Phantom Play at Pantages

On October 22, 18 excited students from Providence attended The Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Everything from the interior of the theater to the performance of the musical astonished the students and the general consensus was that the tickets were “money well spent”.

The visual effects during the production were stunning. Everything from the chandelier falling down and crashing into the stage to the fire bursts, flashes, and floating candles made it a once in a lifetime experience. “It was really good! The Pantages was beautiful,” said Christine Lehart, a sophomore at Providence.

The actors were much different from those in the movie, and had more operatic voices, which some of the students did not like. Nevertheless, the acting was strong. Sophomore Jonathan Becker said, “I think Raoul was the best actor because he had a good voice and stage presence.” The show culminated into a beautiful final scene which received passionate “ohs and ahs” from a couple of the Canadian students in the group.

According to the Pantages Theater’s website, The Phantom of the Opera is now “the longest running play in Broadway history.”  This is the “final overture” for the musical in Los Angeles which will stage its last performance on October 31.

The Pantages Theater is one of Hollywood’s premier venues to showcase Broadway productions.  Another trip to the Pantages has been scheduled as a Providence Avodah Experience this coming December for the musical West Side Story. Kim Postma, a senior, is also organizing another group of students to see Beauty and the Beast that will be performed at the theater this coming March.