Monday Night Live Is A Big Hit

For the past three weeks, Providence Christian College students have gathered on Monday nights for improvisational games and fun. Held in Hesed Lounge, the meetings have been well attended since the first night. Dr. Aaron Belz, Professor of English at Providence, developed the idea. “Most Providence students have a pretty good sense of humor, or at least are good at laughing, but they lack a chance to perform in a more organized way,” he said. “I can’t wait to see how improv’ night amplifies our students’ outgoingness.”

Improvisation involves acting out non-scripted scenes with actors who speak off-the-cuff. It sharpens skills in reactivity, creativity, and mental sharpness. Attendance of students and staff at the meetings has reached into the twenties, proving that Monday Night Live is a big hit sweeping the student body. “All the people who have gone have told me they like it, and even those who haven’t gone say they wish they could,” reported sophomore Libby Barnard. Other students have reported liking the games that are played. Certain games like “Foreign Film,” where two people create a scene while speaking gibberish and two others translate, have become instant favorites.

Students have been improving slowly, but not at the expense of fun. “It feels good to make people laugh and just be goofy,” said Shelli Cammenga, a sophomore at Providence. She also enjoys the creative part of improvisation, saying, “It’s a good break to go from reading things written by others to expressing something out of my own head.”

“Everyone who is officially connected to Providence is welcome,” Belz reported. So, if improv’ night peaks your interest, even if it is just to watch, plan on coming to the next meeting. “It’s fun to be sort of edgy, both physically and verbally,” said Belz. “Improv, like creative writing, is a supportive environment for that.”