WCIU Seek to Sell Campus

By Kavin Carter

On September 26th the property owners of William Carey International University informed the Providence community of its decision to sell its campus property. Providence has leased classrooms, offices, dorms, and houses from WCIU. This announcement was made public by Michael Kiledjian, Vice President of Advancement, on behalf of President Belcher via Facebook. Although the comment section of this post was turned off, on the 27th during chapel Geoff Shaw announced that if students had questions or concerns that he would be available to answer them. Since this announcement, students have been wondering how this will impact their future at providence.

“As far as I know there is no reason to panic,” said Geoff Shaw. In addition to working for Providence, Shaw is also a resident that lives in one of the homes owned by William Carey. At present moment, there is no information about new buyers. It has been confirmed though that Providence has three years remaining on the current lease which was established seven years ago. Administration expects to remain on campus for the entire time.

Although Providence is secure in its lease, other organizations on campus will be leaving. Pasadena International House of Prayer, for example, will no longer be on campus. September 25th was PIHOP’s last day in the auditorium adjacent to Franson hall. Prior to this, PIHOP led a seven-day prayer walk around the campus, which included the procession of over a dozen people walking around campus every night for seven nights singing songs and praying they would gain their campus back. This was emulating a similar situation that happened 40 years ago where PIHOP lead a prayer walk around the university. Several sources have indicated that other groups will be leaving soon as well, although The Blade cannot confirm which  groups these will be.

Looking towards the future, Providence has begun developing a contingency plan. “Providence Christian College is growing and with our growth, we will continue to explore the best options to provide each of you with an unparalleled educational experience,” stated Dr. Belcher in his Address to the community. Dr. Belcher has also been working with the Providence Board of Trustees and the ownership of the properties to ensure that the college does not need to relocate after the following three years.

For now, Dr. Belcher stated “I want to urge you to avoid speculation beyond what is known.” Encouraging all students to  “fix your eyes on your academic success, the friendships, faith and community here.” The Blade will continue to update the community as more information becomes available.