Freshmen Reps join Student Senate

By Marika Tiessen

On September 8, the freshman class voted for male and female class representatives. Running for female representative were Hannah Shenk, with the slogan, “Moving Forward Together,” and Esther Lewis, with the slogan, “This Semester Vote for Esther.” The male role didn’t seem to be very popular, with only Kees Kiledjian willing to take on the task. Kees made a bold marketing choice by featuring Reuben Sheneni on his campaign flyers, which gave many people a good laugh.

Esther was voted in as female representative, and Kees as male representative. When asked how she felt about it, Hannah said, “I was a little sad at first, but I think Esther is going to do a good job, and I’m on CAB so everything worked out.” 1

The freshman class contains a variation of people, and it seems like groups form before we even get a chance to get to know everyone. Clique’s are a problem for all in life, even our freshman class. Esther and Kees have only been in their roles for a couple weeks, but they have plans for class outings with the purpose of pulling the class together.

“I would like to get all of the freshman to attend both of the events we are planning. I want everyone to have more bonding, I want to break the cliques, and I want everyone to get to know each other,” explains Esther.

They really want to give out a positive message and show that they are here for the freshman class. Kees’s goals are to:

“Make fun class events and make sure that the freshman know they can come to talk to me about things happening on campus; and I know I can do something about it, or make sure their voice is heard.”

“This year is going to be what we make of it. Don’t be afraid to use your senate,” is Kees’s message to the freshman class.

This year has gotten off to a great start, and it seems that there is a lot to look forward to. The freshman representatives want only what’s best for the class, and hopefully the class will be able to come together and make this year one full of good memories and strong friendships.