We All Scream for Ice Cream

By Hannah Shenk

Typically, on Monday and Wednesday nights, the new Providence ice cream freezer is rolled out onto Reeves Court. It is here that a variety of sweet treats can be purchased for two dollars apiece and students can come fellowship in the courtyard.

“Student Life would like our students to have lots of food options for our students and this is one step in that direction,” says Johnathan Kruis, the director of Student Community Life. Jonathan went on to say that food options is one reason they invested in the portable treat box. However, the main goal is to draw people outside and into the courtyard for community.

Since the ice cream is only available after the cafeteria is closed, the cart normally rolls into business around nine and stays until ten. It is the hope of student life that the later hours the ice cream is brought out will only help foster community, as it is a time when most students are available and do not have conflicting class schedules. The freezer offers a number of ice cream options from Haagen Dazs bars and drumsticks to ice cream sandwiches and assorted fruit cream bars!

Students already seem to be warming up to the new ice cream initiative:

“I went there last week and it’s really good” freshman Aren Hoogerdijk exclaims, “And for only two bucks you can buy a bundle of joy!”

“I haven’t had an opportunity to attend yet, but I hope to in the very near future. Ice cream is my favorite food group, and I can definitely see how this would bring fun and fellowship to the entire community,” says Christi Eaton.

However, the word is still spreading, as Micah Summers regretfully explains “I didn’t know it existed.”

Jonathan says “we advertise on the Providence App every time it is brought out, and it is our hope that the app becomes our students’ main source of information. If students haven’t downloaded the Providence mobile app they are missing out on a lot of fun things happening around campus.”

Geoff Shaw brought this idea up to student life when he became the new dean of students. He was, as Jonathan described him, the “muse” for the ice cream freezer. The proceeds go directly back to students through Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Student Senate. Student life currently plans to run the ice cream freezer year round as long as there is nice weather.