Upcoming Celebration Attracts Larger Providence Community

By Sarah Bergquist

2017 is a monumental year. Not only did it contain the first total solar eclipse in nearly a century, but it also marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the tradition which our college is built on and continues to walk in. Providence will celebrate this event on October 20-21.

Though most college homecoming weekends center around an athletic event, such as a football or volleyball game, Providence has instead strategically combined the Reformation celebration with alumni weekend, family weekend, and visit weekend. Resident Director Johnathan Kruis articulated a great encouragement for students and guests to attend and support Friday’s cross country meet in Fullerton, and the men and women’s home soccer games on Saturday.

This will be an entire family affair. The target audience for the weekend is alumni and parents, but board members, donors, and local church members along with perspective students are also invited to join the festivities and reconnect with old friends.  

R. Scott Clark has been invited to speak at Friday’s chapel. Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Westminster Seminary California, he is well-qualified to address the community on this special occasion.

“We wanted somebody that had professional expertise, and somebody who was passionately invested in the meaning of the 500th anniversary,” Michael Kiledjian commented.

The Reformation is important because it was a dramatic historical event that continues to shape the way theology is understood and taught today. In terms of its daily significance for Providence’s life and mission, Kruis observed that “as we strive for excellence in our academics and our programs, I see the Reformation directing and driving that.”   

Kruis summed up the purpose of the weekend as demonstrative of who we are as a school.

“The goal was to get everyone together and enjoy being nerdy as a community.”      

The weekend will contain several types of community events – a full list is available on the website at providencecc.edu. “We’ll have multiple food trucks,” Kruis remarked.