Blade Tips: Back To School Edition

by Kavin Carter

If there is one thing that all students can agree on it is that school is not cheap. According to the College Board, “the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2015–2016 school year was $32,405 at private colleges, $9,410 for state residents at public colleges, and $23,893 for out-of-state residents attending public universities”.

This leaves a very deep hole in most people’s pockets, which forces students to be more creative on how they get prepared for a new year of schooling. With that in mind,  Here are some tips from us at The Blade as we head back to school.

  1.      Make money and make it to class.

Many people don’t really think about all the possibilities available out there to make money. Some options don’t even require you to wake up early and go into work.

Get creative with your talents. If you are able to cut hair, charge people five bucks to do it for them. They save 20 dollars by not going to the barber and you just hit the jackpot for that late night In N Out run.

Most of you have probably heard of online surveys. Although they don’t pay a lot, they do put a little extra money in your wallet. Try watching Netflix while you fill out these surveys. After three or four you, will have made 30 bucks and finished a new episode of Orange is the New Black. If your car is newer than 2003, you can sign up to drive for Uber. Maybe your neighbors have small kids and need a babysitter. You can sell your old clothes at Buffalo Exchange or Out of the Closet.

  1.      Buy books without killing your wallet.

When you go to buy books, don’t just let amazon be the only place you look. There are lots of other sites that offer the same books for much less; in some cases, Chegg promises discounts of up to 90% off. Bigwords works the same as google but for books, showing the lowest prices for the books you’re looking for. AbeBooks can find you books up to 75% off in some cases.

  1.      Food. Glorious food.

Whether it’s too salty or too sweet sometimes we want healthy alternatives to the dining hall. However, more often than not, good food isn’t cheap.  You can go to the local farmer’s market and buy bags of food for much less than if you went to target. At Costco you can buy in bulk. If you feel like going out to eat try a food truck, at some local taco trucks you can get 3 tacos for 4 bucks. Instead of going to expensive coffee shops multiple times a week for quality coffee, try buying coffee grinds online as opposed to in-store.

  1.      Going out on the town.

Money is always a factor when going out and having fun. Instead of paying a lot for a little, pay a little for a lot. Most bowling alleys will have promotion nights in the middle of the week where you can bowl for 5 bucks. Indie movie theaters sell tickets for less than 10 dollars and some of those theaters offer student discounts. Go for a night hike in the Pasadena mountains (that costs nothing, except for gas). Art galleries are always enjoyable and more often than not they are also free.

Hopefully these tips help you to save money during school and still offer an amazing time, just remember to stay creative!