Redefining Relationships

Google image depicting conflict.
Google image depicting conflict.


by Nicole Veldink

Genesis 2:18 reads, “And the LORD God said, ‘It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.’” God created man alone but saw it unfit for him to stay that way, which is why it is in our nature to connect with other people and search for deeper relationships.

As time progresses, however, people have skewed the true reason for relationships. Rather than finding that eternal bond through romance or friendship or sometimes both, oftentimes we fill the void in our souls with one night stands and pointless flings that end in nothing but emotional damage and meaningless memories. Selfishness, pride, and hurt from previous relationships play a large part in this.

Dr. Cunningham analyzed these problems in one of his classes, First Year Seminar. As a class, we discussed why relationships are always being redefined. Our conclusion? Sin. The fall. Once sin entered the world, the ideology behind intimacy changed from something that we need to something we want.

As technology advances, it is even easier to fulfill that want. Apps like Tinder and Hot or Not create a false sense of intimacy. Years ago, guys were expected to make the effort for a girl to go out with them on a date. Flowers, chocolates, and of course, parental consent were all necessary. Even further back, dating was not even allowed; all courting was chaperoned. Today, a guy or girl just needs to swipe right.

What can we as college students do to fix this? First off, we should care. Not only is living in a hookup culture difficult but it’s damaging. Most people today are so afraid of being hurt that they run from true relationships and play games rather than just being straight forward with their feelings. Secondly, respecting each other may be dead because our generation killed it. The revival of simple kindness just might make relationships last and maybe, just maybe, restore the true, biblical intentions of relationships: to be close with others.

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