Walking the Walk

Walking the Walk

As I walked across our beautiful campus a few days ago, I reflected on some of the things God has given us to enjoy here in Pasadena. Just now, I started to list them in this editorial, but then I decided to tap the backspace key all the way to “Pasadena.” Perhaps it sounds like cutting corners, but I decided to focus on the bare bones of my first sentence.

Now that you are on board and bored, I’ll get to the point: God is good, and we are undeserving. We too often ignore the simplicities, let alone the complexities, of God’s goodness. God, in his infinite wisdom, put us here on this cozy campus so that we would glorify him and enjoy him while doing it.

Almost any Reformed Christian can cite man’s chief end, but how often do we take a step back and consider how well we are doing? Instead, our lives get tangled in the little things: tests, employment, and friendships, to name a few. Everything that God puts into our lives is only a small portion of the whole. Nonetheless, distracted as we are, God is sovereign.

Serve God and enjoy life, my friends, for we are in the watchful care of God who orchestrates all time and space—even the little things, like that paper due next week.

  • Corrineflee

    The article couldn’t be more timely. Good job Ben and thank you for the reminder and encouragement:)