Additions to the Editions

Sea Beggars, you are in for a treat this semester. Wisdom, in the form of several of Providence’s alumni members, has knocked on the Beggar Blade’s door. From time to time, our future editions will contain articles from former Providence students. The christening of this new alumni section begins this very edition with a thought provoking article written by Andrew T. Fisher, class of 2010.

Just as the theologians before us paved the way through the intricacies of theology for our benefit, the Providence alumni have weathered the ups and downs of the college experience and reached graduation. Thankfully, some of them are willing to open up their thoughts to us, and I am grateful to each one of them who will or already has contributed.

Additionally, I want to welcome two regularly contributing journalists to the Beggar Blade staff: Justin Kay and Chelsea Pine.

Finally, I want to thank you, the reader, for faithfully lending this small paper your eyes. As this second semester of the Blade begins, I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions as we seek to expand both the quality and readership of the paper.