Half Way There

Midterms are over. The time has come for students’ brains to downshift to a more comfortable, less coffee-dependent gear.

The weekend has arrived, and from the looks of it, not a moment too soon. I am confident that every bit of studying paid off, or will at some point in each student’s life. Of course, students will forget some details here and there, but the overarching ideas will be remembered for a lifetime. A firm grasp of the liberal arts, that plethora of knowledge battered into students’ minds this week, translates into bright post-Providence futures.

Weeks like these are exactly what students signed up for when they enrolled at Providence. They push them out of their comfort zone. They force them to prove, on paper, what they believe. If nothing else, they challenge them to take better notes in class.

Needless to say, weeks like these are ripe for family and friends to send care packages. At this point, halfway through the semester, the students crave them more than ever. A small taste of home, even a phone call, is enough to jumpstart these midterm-muddied minds.

Have a relaxing weekend, friends. There is a world beyond the pages and laptop screens for the taking.