These are the words of Japanese anime character Yashamaru, Gaara’s caregiver, in the show Naruto: Shippuden, episode 297. The conversation reflects one of Naruto’s main themes—the only cure to wounds of the heart is sacrificial love from someone else. I recently talked with Providence alumna Kim Postma discussing our favorite anime shows, and Naruto was mentioned as usual. Postma shared that “many people think (and I say this, because I was one of them) that there is little by which to recommend anime and/or manga, which are similar to American comic books. [People think that] Those who read and/or watch [anime] are immature nerds with too much time on their hands.” However, Kim’s perspective changed when she watched an anime show and discovered its surprising and pleasing aspects.Read More →

Bryan Jan Punter loves a well written sentence. He loves books, well written books, like Moby Dick and Frankenstein. But before he fell in love with books—and his wife Deb—Bryan loved partying. Punter grew up in Allendale, Michigan, where his parents own a turkey farm. He remembers going out as a young boy and working for a nickel an hour. Punter has two siblings by birth, and three more that his family took in as foreign exchange students. They are not officially adopted or even fostered by the Punters, but Bryan speaks affectionately of them, especially, of Vaan Huynh (senior at Providence).Read More →

Last week, on Feb. 21, Dr. Dominic Aquila (President of Providence Christian College), and team-members Mrs. Dawn Dirksen, Dr. Russ Reeves, Mrs. Mary Ellen Godfrey, and Mr. Pete Nanninga, met with eight WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) commission members near San Francisco as one of the final steps toward Providence’s accreditation process. Dr. Aquila presented the President’s statement and the WASC commissioners asked questions of the five Providence representatives.Read More →

Although Life of Pi did not win Best Picture, the film won the most awards out of any other nominees this year, taking home Best Cinematography, Visual Effects, Director, and Original Score. This led me to reflect on why I loved Life of Pi and perhaps why it resonated with so many other people as well. Last summer, I had started reading the book but I couldn’t get into it. I knew the basic story line already, and I wasn’t intrigued. I had not been excited about the movie either until Dr. Swanson (Biblical Studies professor at Providence) highly recommended it. In one sentence, I love Life of Pi because it is sublime.Read More →

On Jan. 23, Colin Beveridge and Marissa Branson (freshman and junior at Providence Christian College) participated in the annual Pasadena Homeless Count and Subpopulation Survey organized by the Office of Urban Initiatives in Pasadena. Branson discovered the count through the mercy ministry at her church, Grace Pasadena PCA, and at the last minute (on January 15) she decided to volunteer. When she invited other Providence students to join her, Beveridge volunteered. That night, they attended an orientation meeting to learn about what they had just signed up for. Read More →

“Smash?” One can hear this word posed as a question almost every day at Providence Christian College. Super Smash Bros., a popular Nintendo video game, remains a favorite pastime for many students, both male and female. But is it just a pastime? Fellow students introduced me to Super Smash Bros. near the end of last semester. The first time I played, I lost all of my lives in the opening thirty seconds. No joke.Read More →

To me, a “favorite” piece has to pass what I’ll call The Gridlock Test. If I’m sitting in freeway traffic on a hot afternoon, tired and bored, would I choose to listen to it? Have I found myself wanting to hear it again and again, on different gridlocked freeways, over time and even over years of my life? The pieces listed below would all fall into this category.Read More →

Ginger is a root that is extremely versatile in its uses and has numerous health benefits. Ginger is used in foods and drinks regularly. For example, there is ginger tea, ginger flavored kombucha, ginger flavored pork, ginger bread cookies, dehydrated and candied ginger, ginger cake, and more. Ginger root is also highly accessible. For example, from campus, students of Providence can walk to the Armenian produce market next to Connal’s for some fresh, affordable ginger. You can easily get a substantial chunk of ginger root at nearly every produce mart for about a dollar.Read More →

Whenever a drama production is in the making at Providence Christian College, one can be sure that Ellen Avants will be involved. A native of Yorba Linda, CA, Avants will graduate this spring with Liberal Arts concentrations in English and Biblical and Theological Studies. However, theatre remains her greatest passion. She expresses this fact in unambiguous terms: “I don’t think I enjoy anything more than being able to perform.”Read More →