Written by: Johnathan Kruis   With last Sunday’s airing of Breaking Bad’s season finale, online publications have been littered with articles about the shows worth.  Many of these articles state that the show’s success comes from its breath-of-fresh-air approach to morality. This is being recognized by all sides of the spectrum from Christianity Today to Time Magazine. Originally I was drawn into the show by its story. How can you help but be intrigued by a middle aged, white, American, chemistry teacher who resorts to cooking meth and thrives as a drug kingpim? Never before have I actually had trouble breathing while watching a TVRead More →

By Marissa Branson I can’t get the image of her out of my head. It was a Saturday afternoon on the urine-saturated sidewalk in Skid Row. She was lying, passed-out face on the cement with her pants pulled down revealing her half naked body. Her skin was leathery and shimmering with sweat.  To everyone else in Skid Row, her existence seemed of no consequence; perhaps this was normal for her or normal for them to see. But for me, walking into Skid Row was like temporarily walking into a war zone. They say it has gotten better in the past few years, but the smell,Read More →

Written By: Marissa Korpan Every beard has a beginning. For some men, their current facial hair is the result of a rushed morning with no time to shave. For others, it is the product of a long growing process. Some men exhibit the “five-o-clock shadow”―the bearded outline that appears in late afternoon on the face of a man who last shaved in the morning. Although beards of various lengths appear on different men, they do not all begin to grow at the same time―except for the one month of the year called No-Shave November (or, at Providence Christian College, Mantober). If one were to gatherRead More →

Written by: Edwin Cordova The Satellite is an intimate 21+ venue about 20 minutes from campus on Silver Lake Blvd that often offers free shows. I went on their website an hour before the show started, just to see if anything was happening, and then I just showed up. When I walked into the venue, the bouncers asked me if I had RSVP-ed. I had not, but they still let me in and asked me if I would put my email down to get future announcements for shows. When you RSVP, they will give you a complementary drink. A free drink and a free show?Read More →

Written By: Krista Redman  We live in a world where Miley Cyrus’ “twerking” received more press than actual world news. Her performance has received attention from people all across the political, religious and cultural spectrum ranging from negative to neutral. American sexuality has consistently sought to outdo itself; women and men alike turn themselves into objects for the sake of entertainment. But what other alternatives are presented just as consistently? How are people meant to develop a healthy sexuality in the wake of a culture that speaks up to condemn but not to correct or enlighten? Christians have generally held a strong negative opinion towardsRead More →

I have measured out my life with lists. Every single day I make a list of the tasks I need to accomplish. You’ll never find me leaving for the grocery store without a list. Growing up, those sweeping VH1 lists that spread over hours and hours would beckon me—the top 100 artists of all time, the 50 most awesomely bad songs ever. Only ten artists were covered each hour, so that means they had me for entire summer afternoons.Read More →

The name Jacob Fisher used to make me think of a crunchy fish taco that tends to consume the spiciest hot sauce from a Mexican grocery store. However, when I made time to get to know this super-senior in the past five years, his wonderful character and intellect exceeded my taco analogy. Thus explains this article’s title—Jacob Fisher is always a listening ear to his friends when they express themselves, and always replies to his friends with a text saying, “Okay. Smoke time?”Read More →

As a kid I always wondered why my parents and their friends drank that hot dark drink every single morning without fail. I had tried it a few times and remembered it to be one of the worst tastes that had ever entered my mouth. I never would have guessed that I would become a huge fan of such a drink. College came and I began to love coffee and I am now a fan of the art and science behind the drink. Here is a list of my top four coffee shops in the Pasadena area.Read More →

For lent I decided to take a break from social networking. I have never observed lent before, but after realizing that I had become too attached to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I decided lent would be a good time to learn some discipline.

It started at Jones Coffee in South Pasadena. I was there with the Creative writing club, reading poetry and talking about our childhoods. This led to a discussion on social media and how much we have changed since it was invented.

As college students who grew up in the 90s or earlier, we experienced the rise of the internet as we grew up, so many of us didn’t get Myspace or Facebook until we were in high school or college. When we were children, we spent our free time much differently than we do now. Over that Jones coffee table, we reminisced about how we used to write plays and perform them with our siblings, make dolls out of paper, or turn our backyards into imaginary battle zones.Read More →

I watch quite a bit of television. My tastes are apparently pretty varied, as I discovered when I wrote up this list, ranging from fantasy to history, science fiction to drama, and mystery to horror. I’m not going to go into detail about what makes a television show a good television show, but I will say this—a good show isn’t just entertaining; it makes you think. It makes you think about life, about death, about God, philosophy, religion, good and evil, etc. Good television makes you ponder and mull things over when the hour-long episode is over. The following is a list of my Top Twelve Entertaining and Thought-Provoking Television Shows of 2012.Read More →