Picking the top ten photos of the past four years is a momentous task for a photographer who is overly attached to her work. With over 109, 250 pictures from over the past few years is daunting. Then one must add into consideration the wide range of criteria for what “top ten” may mean–composition, personal attachment, the best representatives of said years, etc. After sifting through the archives on the terabyte external hard drive that I had to buy to store them because my computer literally ran out of memory (it would no longer let me create word documents), I have settled on the following ten.Read More →

Vibrant colors, stray dogs, oceanside resorts, and crowded streets: from the border on, Mexico is a land of intriguing contrasts. “The thing that surprised me most about Mexico was how Tijuana is an overtly transient city,” reflected senior Kim Welfing after a weekend-long Avodah excursion across the southern border. Whereas most Americans view immigrants as trying to escape the country to a better life, in truth, though they desire to further their economic prospects, Mexicans have a fierce loyalty to their country. In fact, most Tijuanans hope for their stay in the border city to be temporary. This mentality makes Tijuana an image of transition, with elements of a hopeful utopia alongside the dystopia of poverty and unrealized dreams.Read More →

The Book of Mormon is a highly offensive, funny, incredibly observant musical which will leave the audience clutching their stomachs in laughter, disgust, and wonder. One might not expect the creators of an animated TV show to be able to translate their art to the Broadway stage, but Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone have done just that.Read More →

This weekend, a group of students will be stepping out of their classrooms and into a Mormon temple for a “Study of Mormonism” Avodah excursion. I sat down with Justin Bleeker, the head of the Avodah program, and asked him what was in store for the weekend, and why this study is important for students.

“How did I get the idea?” Justin Bleeker, reflects, “Well, part of the idea of the Avodah program is to interact and become familiar with other cultures and people, and religion is a major building block of culture. With the elections, and Mitt Romney’s devout Mormonism, it has been brought to the forefront as a topic in pop culture and it’s something that would be beneficial for students to understand.” The timing was also right, as it coincided with the acclaimed yet controversial play “The Book of Mormon” currently playing in Hollywood.Read More →

As our current Student Senate President completes her last year and prepares to move on, it seemed appropriate to hold one last interview to commemorate all of the memories and lessons she has learned while at Providence Christian College. Without further ado, a senior interview of Jana Crum.Read More →

With their big concert coming up this Saturday, the Providence Christian College Chorale is back in full swing, having already sung at a donor banquet and joined Escondido URC in worship this past weekend. Many choir members drove South early and worshipped in Temecula last Sunday, whereas others arrived later in the day for practice. After warming up and going over songs, the Chorale enjoyed some pizza prior to dressing up for service.Read More →

On a perfect sunny Southern California day, students, faculty, fans, and donors alike picked up their golf clubs and gathered in San Dimas for a day of unforgettable golf known as the annual Sea Beggar Scramble – an 18 hole golf game to support the athletics program at Providence. Also in attendance for the early part of the day was the cross country team, representing the student body’s athletics program, as they are currently the only intercollegiate sport at Providence. With support, future years will see the development of the men’s soccer team on the college sports scene.Read More →

For the student who thinks math is a boring core requirement without perks, they could not be more wrong – especially if they are a Providence algebra student this semester! Professor Swanson is not only a math teacher but a real-life rocket scientist, who often makes the three hour class feel shorter with unique class demonstrations. This past week he took the a group of students even further into the world of math and science on a tour of Edwards Air Force Base’s Research Laboratories.Read More →

What started as a routine assignment quickly became a fascinating and possible life changing cultural experience. Last Saturday, I took a trip with Kim Welfing and Rora Melendy to little Ethiopia to see what there was to see and learn as much as possible for our upcoming report for Cross Cultural Communications. Located mainly on Fairfax, the community sprung up in a rough neighborhood, scarred by the recent protests and crimes. After the low property prices allowed for the opening of Rosalinds, more Etheopian eateries followed and soon the street was taken over by markets and restaurants.Read More →