About Us

The Blade endeavors to report the events and stories occurring at and around Providence Christian College and to present them to the readers at large in an informative, credible, and timely manner.

The Blade Staff:


Angela Groom

Editors in Chief

Nicole Veldink and Angela Groom

Copy Editors

Nicole Veldink and Angela Groom

Executive Layout Publisher 

Nicole Veldink

Executive Web Manager/Publisher

Angela Groom


Max Belz

Staff Reporters 

Gaby Martinez – Pop Culture Desk

Iris Poole – Business and Economy Desk

Maddie Silva – Reviews Desk

Tina Snieder – Politics Desk

Angela Groom – Executive Editor, Publisher, Occasional Contributor, and President

Kavin Carter – Social Issues Desk 

Amy MacArthur – Marvin Olasky, Directed Reporting Desk

Nicole Veldink – Executive Layout, Executive Print Publisher, Occasional Contributor